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is a technology consultancy committed to the mission of guiding its clients towards organizational success through the effective use of technological tools. Backed by high-quality professionals, we focus on entrepreneurs and startups, seeking to creatively incorporate various technologies to reinvent and improve the competence, productivity and efficiency of organizations.


• Strategic ally for technological decisions.
• Reinforcement of the image.
• Costs reduction.
• Expansion of the scope of the product or service offering.
• Updated, stable and secure technological platform.
• Optimization of resources and spaces.
• Competitive differentiation.
• High-tech tools to boost business.
• Consolidation of technological tools, optimizing costs and time.

Ubiquity and Services:

In a globalized world, our team, dispersed in different locations, allows us to offer timely services just a click away. We offer services that include cloud computing, on-premise technology platform management, application development, web design and technical support.

Value proposal

Our value proposition lies in being the client's strategic ally in the technological field, allowing them to fully concentrate on their project while we take care of the technology and viable optimizations.

Inteligentic Differentiators

We stand out for our unique combination of more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector, with an emphasis on health, retail and telecommunications. We compete not on price, but on service, and we differentiate ourselves by being a bear riding a bicycle: a unique mix of knowledge and skills.

Coverage of Client Needs

Inteligentic meets the client's need to optimize the budget allocated to the technology area, achieving effective results quickly. We offer continuous support throughout the project to provide technological solutions at the right time.

Growth Partner

We are your Growth Partner: Boosting your Business Success

At Inteligentic, we are not only technology service providers, but also your growth partners. We become a Growth Partner, committed to taking your company to the next level through strategic and continuous collaboration.

As a Growth Partner, we actively involve ourselves in your growth strategy, providing not only cutting-edge technological services, but also innovative ideas and strategic guidance. We work hand in hand with you to identify opportunities, overcome challenges and ensure sustainable growth.

With Inteligentic as your Growth Partner, you not only get high-quality technology services, but also a strategic ally dedicated to your business success. Together, we build a path to continued growth and prosperity.


Work Team Certifications

Our work team has valuable certifications that support their experience and skills, ensuring the quality of our services.

These certifications are not only a testament to the technical competence of our team, but also allow us to offer quality services and stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the market.

These certifications include:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Certification that validates the fundamental understanding of Azure, demonstrating our team's ability to work with basic Microsoft cloud services.

AWS Solutions Architects

Certification that supports our team's ability to design, implement and maintain solutions using Amazon Web Services.

ITIL Foundation v3

ITIL v3 is a best practice framework for IT service management, focusing on optimizing service delivery, aligning with business goals, and ensuring continuous improvement in IT services.