Cloud Computing &
DataCenter Services

At the heart of every business lies its most valuable asset: information, safeguarding it whether in Cloud Services or within a secure Data Center is paramount.

Our consulting service in Data Center and Cloud Services aims to improve the security, efficiency and control of your technology, which translates into added value for your company.


Cloud Services

Cloud Engineers and Architects

  • Experts in execution, design, maintenance and daily support of cloud services.
  • Outstanding technical skills in problem solving, planning, designing and improving the cloud.

Web Hosting and Domain Services

  • Comprehensive management of file servers.
  • Migration plans for servers and databases.
  • Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans.

Communication Security

  • Protection of complete communication segments through firewalls, switches and VPN connections.
  • Secure cloud backup.
  • Integration of Load Balancing Servers.

Cloud Telephone System (PBX)

  • Implementation and maintenance of a complete cloud phone system.
  • Offers a simple, flexible and affordable solution for calling, video and live chat.
  • Improves productivity, customer experience and reduces costs.


These information technology service delivery models over the Internet provide resources such as servers, storage, networks, and software.

(Infrastructure as a Service)

Offers virtualized infrastructure with scalable and flexible architecture.


Example: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Users: Developers, system administrators.

(Platform as a Service)

Provides a platform that includes operating system, middleware and execution environment.


Example: Heroku, Google App Engine.

Users: Application developers.

(Software as a Service)

Provides complete applications over the web.


Example: Salesforce, Google Workspace.

Users: End users with minimal technical concerns.

Our cloud services include


The creation of multiple technological resources from a real one, obtaining benefits such as reduced hardware investment, greater utilization of computing resources, better resource management, lower administration costs, reduced energy and storage costs, recovery of operations in the event of disasters, less physical space required and more stable production environments.

Virtualization Solutions

  • Software-defined architecture for hybrid cloud deployment.
  • Accelerates implementation time from months to days.
  • Centralized support simplifies problem resolution and reduces the risk of crashes.

Savings and Simplification

  • Cost reduction in all stages of the infrastructure life cycle.
  • Factory-integrated and validated software-defined architecture.
  • Faster implementation time.

Integration with Cloud Computing

  • Web applications that reside in the cloud.
  • They do not need to be hosted or installed on local computers.
  • Experts use Microsoft and VMware technologies.

Special Services

Streaming as a Service (SaaS)

Is a comprehensive solution that offers online content streaming as a managed service. With this offering, we provide our customers with a platform for the distribution of multimedia content, whether video, audio or both, in an efficient and scalable manner.
Our Streaming as a Service covers everything from initial setup to ongoing management of your streaming infrastructure. We offer a seamless experience for your viewers, guaranteeing quality of service and constant availability of content in real time.

Whether you’re streaming live events, online classes, conferences, or any other type of multimedia content, our service provides you with the technology and support you need so you can focus on creating impactful experiences for your audience. Simplify online streaming and take your content to a new level with Streaming as a Service.

Here is a breakdown of why 3CX is the solution for your business:

  • Telephony: Web client and mobile apps for remote working
  • Video: Included in your system, no add-ons needed
  • Live Chat: Talk with your customers in real time via your website or WhatsApp!
  • SMS: Allow your customers to interact with you instantly
  • Integrations: CRMs and Microsoft 365
  • Low Cost: Save on your phone bills, add ons and hardware
  • Flexible: Keep your numbers, choose your phones and your provider
  • Secure: 3CX includes advanced security features
  • Install anywhere: Hosted or on-premise, MiniPC, Hyper-V, VMware or KVM!
  • Backed by the vendor, supported by us
  • 600,000+ customers globally

You can trial a fully equipped 3CX System today!

Our team will gladly give you a quick demo and answer any questions!

3CX – Your Communications System

3CX is a robust, fully equipped communications system, which allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers – anywhere, anytime.

Or if you prefer, hire our UPhoneCloud service and don't worry about configuring anything, we do it all for you!


UPhoneCloud is an innovative cloud-based IP telephony service designed to provide businesses with advanced communication solutions. With plans starting at $39.99 per month, UPhoneCloud offers a range of features to enhance business communications and streamline operations.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based Telephony: Manage calls from anywhere using any device, including iPhone, Android, IP Phones, Mac, or PC.
  • Modern Features: Access advanced features such as Virtual Receptionist, Call Rules, Conference Rooms, SMS, Call Recording, and more.
  • User-friendly Administration: Easily add users or make system changes using the web-based administration panel.
  • Future-ready Technology: Enjoy real-time implementation of new features without worrying about updates or technological upgrades.
  • VIP Customer Support: Receive personalized support in your language, ensuring your needs are met promptly and effectively.



  • Work from Anywhere: Stay connected whether you’re in the office, at home, or traveling, using the UPhoneCloud Softphone app on your mobile device or desktop.
  • Professional Image: Impress clients with features like Extensions, Conference Rooms, Call Recording, and Virtual Receptionist, making your business appear larger and more reliable.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Boost productivity with features like Text Messaging, Call Recording, Voicemail, Caller ID, and Conference Rooms.
  • Centralized Control: Access essential tools like Emergency Services, Web Portal, Call Blocking, Directory, Intercom, and Group Management.

With UPhoneCloud, you can transform your business communications and take advantage of modern telephony solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the future of communication with UPhoneCloud today!